Turning Tunisia’s magnificent olives into liquid gold

Olive production dates back thousands of years and continues to play a vital role in Tunisia’s economy to this day, with olive groves covering about a third of the North African country’s arable land. However, while Tunisia ranks third among the top exporters of olive oil in the world, most of its oil is sold in bulk. That is now changing. The Investment Centre of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for

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Putting Tunisian Olive Oil on the International Map

Investment Opportunities for Tunisian Olive Oil to branch into international export markets Since 2013, the Tunisian Government has been working to unlock the potential of its quality olive oil through a cooperation programme with the EBRD and FAO. A combination of agrifood investments, innovative marketing, and capacity-strengthening activities across the value chain seek to stimulate a transition from mass production to bottled oils. “We had productive discussions with private stakeholders to see how, together with public authorities, we can put

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