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Livestock farmers in Central Asia. Credit - EBRD

Livestock industry in Central Asia looks into digital solutions to build resilience

Dairy and meat businesses in Central Asia, especially smaller ones, are being hit by multiple shocks – from the war in Ukraine, to droughts, to the lingering effects of COVID-19. Production costs have skyrocketed, while consumers’ purchasing power has weakened, making it difficult for agribusinesses to stay afloat. One way to help small-scale farmers and agribusinesses optimize costs and be competitive is through reliable and timely knowledge and data. With that in mind, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the

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New online course targets a better and safer olive oil industry

World Olive Tree Day is coming up and with it a chance to celebrate the importance of olive trees to people and the planet. It’s also a good time to announce a new two-part course available on the FAO elearning Academy that seeks to improve quality, biosafety and resilience in the olive oil industry. The first lesson centres around good agricultural, hygiene and manufacturing practices to produce a safe and authentic olive oil. The second lesson is dedicated to strengthening

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“Open Innovation for better agribusiness” at the 2022 World Food Forum

The world’s agrifood systems are being hit by multiple shocks – conflict, climate and public health crises – often at the same time. The issues are complex and diverse, but all experts agree on one thing: if we want to create a better food future, remaining in the same “business as usual” mindset is no longer an option. This was the overarching theme during the ’Private Sector Investment Afternoon’ at this year’s World Food Forum, where the European Bank for Reconstruction and

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